This year’s knit gift “theme” for Christmas was fingerless mitts. I made a pair for my Mom, my Daughter and her 2 roommates. Mistakes were made on all of them (most were most likely more noticable to me than to them), but I learned alot. Still need some practice when the instructions say to mirror the thumb placement for the second mitt, rather than spelling out exactly what to do, but I’ll get there eventually I suppse! I also first started using charts with some of the patterns. At first it was a bit of a challenge, but now I really like using charts over written out instructions! I would like to start a pair for myself, but my daughter has requested a pair without any lace pattern since it is so cold in Boston at this time of year, and she has to walk 15 mins from the train to the office, so last night I cast on for another pair for her.

These were for my Mom. Made with a little over 1 skein of Jaeger Roma yarn.

These were for my Daughter, made with Tahki Zara in a chocolate brown colorway

These for roommate #1 in Tahki Zara in an eggplant purple colorway

And these for roommate #2 in Plymouth Royal Llama Silk, in a light blue colorway

They were all free patterns found on Ravelry

Oops…photos not showing.

Yeah, having a hard time here…just re-edited and still nothing…give me one more shot lol!

UGH! FOURTH time was the charm!

All are very nice. My favorite ones are the purple ones! I’m like you. I want the directions spelled out for me, too! I don’t think I’d like the “mirror thumb placement” stuff either. :slight_smile:

They are all lovely. I especially like the light blue ones.

They all look gorgeous to me! Great job!

Very nice work! I too really like the light blue ones. Lotsa warm hands!

Oh yay! Wonderful work! These fingerless mitts are just so nice! I really should get on the ball and follow your example and knit some, too! You are inspiring!

I don’t think you would have [U]any [/U]problem with mitts (or socks for that matter!) You’d probably whip them out in record time! :slight_smile: