Mitered squares

I am working on a quilt with mitered squares, but I cannot get a good corner on them. Instructions are:

CA 89
row 1 knit to 44 pm at 44
knit to end

row 2
knit to 1 stitch before marker
sl1; k2tog; psso; kk2tog

does any have a better way to do mitered squares?

It takes a few rows for the corner to show up well. That’s a triple dec, is this done in stockinette or garter?

this is done in garter

What’s the pattern then? That’s too many sts decreased. There should be 2 less on each RS row, either a skp and k2tog on either side of the center stitch or one slip k2tog, psso.

I have looked around at other patterns and stiched up a sample, I will use the K2tog, rather than the sl1. My sample turned out much better than my previous 5 attempts (one came out shaped like a kit!)