Mitered Squares

Well, I’m stumped. I’ve been wanting to tackle the rug on the cover of this book. It is constructed of mitered squares.

First of all, the math of the pattern doesn’t seem to work out. Here are the instructions that are stumping me:

CO 55
Worked double-decrease pattern:

Row 1 (RS): k26 st, sl2, k1, p2sso, k26

and then you knit all stitches on the even rows.

So, here’s the dilemma: When you knit the first 26 stitches, slip the next two, knit one and pass the slipped stitches over, you end up with 24 stitches left to knit, not 26. Or at least I do. According to Amy’s video on cdd (Centered Double Decrease), I’m doing this correctly. Why doesn’t the math work out??

Also, when you get to the final 3 stitches, what do you do? According to the pattern instructions, I’m supposed to knit 1 on this row, slip 2, but then what? There’s not another knit to stitch & then pass the slipped stitches over.

I knit up a couple of mini examples of this pattern casting on an odd number of stitches. In both cases, I ended up w/more of a rectangle than a square, and the mitre started out at the corner, but ended up about two stitches to the left of the opposite corner.

Is any of this making sense?

:oops: Well, I just answered my own question … at least one of them. When I was knitting up my sample squares, I forgot to subtract the 3 “middle stitches” (sl2, k1, p2sso) before I divided by 2 to figure out how many to knit before I slipped.

:notworthy: My apologies to Donna Druchunas for doubting her math.

However, I still haven’t figured out the question about the final 3 stitches.

Perhaps I’ll try again. :frog:

Hey, Julie! How do you like that book? Are there any loopy bath rugs in it? If so, Do you have a way to scan or take a pic & pm me with it? Ive been trying to decide whether or not to buy that book from Amazon, but I REALLY WISH they would let you see pics of all the patterns. NONE of my local book stores have it in stock…etc etc etc blah blah blah!

Hey KellyK, take a look at the first few reviews on Amazon…looks like they do have bath rugs. No pics though, of course.

Sorry I can’t help with your question, DotMom61. That does look like a cool book though!

Hi Kelly …

As a matter of fact, I do seem to remember that there is a loopy bath rug in there. I wish I had the book to share with you, but I got it from the library (I was the first one to check it out!! :cheering:), and I had to take it back.

I’ve considered buying it from Amazon, too, and I noticed earlier today that it’s now available in paperback for only $10.17. I liked it a lot. Not only does it have some good patterns in it, but it also gives good directions for finishing the rugs – lining, backing, etc.

AWESOME! That I can afford!

sheesh KK way to make this all about your needs!!! :rollseyes: j/k j/k j/k !! :heart: muah :heart:
I just ordered the book, so when i get it I might be able to lend it to you, since we’re so close and all.

Dot Mom, how many stitches do you have initially? I’m having a hard time visualizing…

What, Hilde? :?? I…I dont understand what you are trying to say…there’s no ME in there!
:mad: [size=7]ME ME ME ME ME!!![/size] :mad:

LOL. u cwazy

Oh, well, hmmm … I did it like 5 times and each time I cast on a different number of stitches. Eventually, I think I cast on about 19. Then, I subtracted 3 for sl2, k1, p2sso in the middle. That left me w/ 16, which I divided by 2. So, I k8, sl2, k1, p2sso, k8. Got it?

And, amazingly enough, when I got down to the last 3 stitches on the LH needle, all I had to do was sl2, k1, p2sso, and I had one stitch left for fastening off. It’s just incredible what can happen when you follow directions. :rollseyes:

I was going to take a picture of the little square I eventually ended up with, but my daughter saw it when it was done, and she thought it was so cool that it should belong to her.

I think I can tackle the project now, though!

Well, I guess I ought to close this note out so that [size=6]Kelly[/size] can have a chance to say something!

(hee ha ha … snicker … snort) :rofling: I’m so funny

Well, sorry for some bad news. I already looked at Amazon for the paperback version of the book…It’s not available until November!!! I almost cried when I found this out a few weeks ago. I want the book so badly. Maybe I’ll have to try the library.

HA. :expressionless:


I looked through the rug book at my LYS today & LOVE LOVE LOVE the loop st bath rug…I have so many projects on my list that I might be able to wait until November to get the paperback version…

OK, Kelly – I know you’re in Cancun and that this post is 2 months old, but I just ran across a method and yarns in Interweave Knits that I think would make a really cool bathrug. :figureditout: Check out this pattern. It’s actually for a bath mitt – which also looks really nice – but if you read through the section on how to weave the “pigtail” cotton in with the knit cotton, it sounds to me like it would make a really nice plushy (although not loopy) bath rug!

Did you ever get the Knitted Rugs book?? Did you try the loopy bath rug?

Julie did you get the answer to your question about the last 3 sts. That book may not have been clear but what you do is the normal double dec that you have been doing since the first row.

I’m working on a sweater in this type of knitting and have made an afghan, vest, jacket and hats using it. I like it a lot. I do diagnol rows rather than seperate squares. Lots less ends to work in.

Soxy –

Thank you, and I did figure it out eventually. It’s been so long, I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I basically ended up counting wrong. I’ve knit a couple of the squares now, but I lost my motivation for this and started working on a sweater & a few other things instead. :oops: I’ll get back to it eventually.

Thanks for asking, though!!