Mitered square question and ft clog question

First, I was looking at a mitered square pattern and I was wondering if you could do a M1 instead of a YO for the center increases or if YO are necessary. If possible, I’d like to avoid the two rows of holes down the middle.

Also, for the clogs, when it says to to tack the two soles together loosely, how loose does it mean? Is it just not pulling the yarn tight or is it making a stitch so that some extra yarn is dangling?


I don’t see any reason why a M1 wouldn’t work. :shrug:

When I did clogs, I just did a nice, flat stitch, but didn’t tug. It says to tack them loosely because if you pulled and made a tight stitch, it would pucker the sole pieces. Seam at a loose tension, but don’t leave extra yarn dangling! :slight_smile: