Mitered corners

Hi Jan
Have a question…I am knitting another baby blanket I am finished knitting the blanket binded off of it and now I am beginning the border. I picked up my stitches seems how I picked up my stitches on the knitted side I started my increases on the pearl side both second from beginning and one stitch before the end. Do I do these increases on every row or every other row ? I have only knitted and done the increases on one row so far. And also I seem to have twisted a stitch and it cannot be knitted as a single stitch. Can I knit them together ? And will that mess up my increases at the corner.Seems how I already knitted the increase and by knitting two together would that be messing that up ? If you could help, it would be much appreciated

I sent a msg to you on Ravelry in response to your question there. Here again is the thread with the instructions. Ask Dollyce (Artlady) if you need more help since she knows more about it. :thumbsup: