Mitered Corners?

Hello All,
I am wondering how to perform a mitered corner well for the pattern Ten Stitch Blanket created by Frankie Brown, on Ravelry here:

Do mitered corners, like the ones used in this blanket, use the same technique as short row heels for socks? I seem to be making a disconnect due to the pattern verbiage. We all seem to say the same things differently, you know …

Anyway, any info would be appreciated.


I can’t give you any advice on this pattern since I have not ever attempted to knit a sock or even a mitered corner, but I just wanted to say thank you for including the link to that pattern. Wow, that is so super cool and what a great way to use up odd yarns. I’m adding that one to my list of patterns to try! I’ll keep checking back here to see if anyone offers some advice to you as it might come in handy when I try this too!


I don’t do socks either, but it does seem to be doing short rows with a wrap and turn.