Mistery Crochet Project.

I have completed my quick project for the new year.

Can anyone guess what it is or what it will be used for?


Pan handle protector?

Wow. That was quick. And correct.

My wife is a Steelers fan and a fan of cast iron cookware.

She wanted a new plot handle holder that didn’t have fringe (because it always seems to get singed).

I used cotton yarn and maid it extra thick with SC through the back loop of both the last two rows.

My first thought when I saw the first image was one of those things kids put on their two index fingers and try to pull off. No matter how hard you pull it won’t come off. :joy: Then common sense prevailed and I thought it looked like a handle protector.

Let us know how it works. I wouldn’t have thought cotton insulating enough so I’m curious.

My first thought was the finger puzzles too.
Looks like a clever idea for pot handles. I sometimes leave a potholder on the handle of pans that have come out of the oven as a reminder not to touch. This neatly solves the problem.

Well, that is the reason for the special crochet stitch.

Setup is like horizontal ribbing:
Foundation: Chain for length plus ch1 turn,
Row 1: sc through the back loop across, ch 1 turn.
Row 2: sc through back loop and down one row to that left-over loop from the previous row (i.e. what would have been a ridge) across, ch 1 turn.
Repeat Row 2 until desired circumference.
Join last row and foundation row in a seam.

This folds the new row 2 back along the previous row like corrugated metal ( /// etc).

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