I made a mistake on a diagonal rib pattern scarf, I could see that I had messed up on the pattern because the rib didn’t look quite right. I have been taught to turn my work around and to un-do the rows that way. I was doing that and made a mistake somewhere and now I have 1 loop coming out of an edge that is not a stitch (I still have my pattern 16 stitches on the needle) AND my long tail is coming from the 3rd stitch down and not the 1st stitch…any suggestions on how to fix mistakes? I think it may just be a learning curve :wink:

Would it be wise for me to pull the needle out and carefully undo a row or two and then put the needle back in? Any help is very much appreciated!

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to pull out the needle and undo a couple rows. If you only have 16 sts though, it’s probably just as easy to unknit them. The tail might have got knit up with a couple stitches and that’s why it doesn’t seem to be at the first stitch.

How do I do this? I am very new to knitting :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that’s what you were doing by undoing the rows. You can unknit by putting the left needle into the stitch below the one on the right needle, slide the r. needle back and pull the yarn making the stitch come out. There’s videos for Fixing Mistakes on the Tips page and it shows how to do that.