Mistake that I don't know hot to fix!

Hello all!

I am knitting a hat on DPN’s for the first time. I realized when I was knitting on to my empty needle, that the yarn was coming from the needle with all the stitch on it. Does that make sense?

I think tried to undo those stitches and start over, and it worked for the most part, but I somehow took out the yarn from two of the loops and so now I have a needle with two loops with no yarn through them and I can’t knit on to my empty needle now.

I know I am probably not describing it very well, but hopefully someone can help? It’s frustrating and I am hoping I don’t have to rip too far back.


Do you have dropped stitches under the loops? If so, you can drop the loop off the needle and pick up the stitch, work it back up, and just use the loop as a ladder rung if you need to. Amy has videos for fixing mistakes in Free Videos but I can’t decide which one to link to, you might find help there.

Where is the working yarn? Is it to the right of the two loops? If it is then I suspect those two loops go back onto the left needle to be worked.

Can you try to take a clear picture?

Honestly, I got so frustrated with it that I am just starting over. I probably should have taken the time to rip back properly but I just noticed all these weird things happening and let my frustrations get the best of me!

My question is when I switched to DPNS I somehow got two big holes in my knitting. I also noticed while knitting that I was somehow knitting the purls on the outside of the hat, when they are supposed to be on the inside of the hat. I have no idea how I started to do that. What would have caused that?

Another question is, if I am switching to DPN’s from circular needles, do I need to join it like the woman says to in this video at 6:20? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrfSQNgROpM I didn’t join them together and just started knitting, do I need to join them though if I am switching in the middle of a pattern?

I know everyone told me it’s easy to get the hang of, but I found it to be pretty confusing. :confused:

When you’re working in the round on circs and switch to dpn you can just begin knitting with a dpn, when you have the number of stitches you need on the first one, start with the second, knit the number of stitches you need on to the second, change to the third. The joining shown in the video is for the first round of knitting and wouldn’t apply here. Somehow you reversed your knitting and in effect turned it inside out. My best guess is you turned and started working the other way when you switched needles, but that’s all it is, guess.

Is this a hat that you started on circular needles, knitting in the round (that is, joined in the round)? If so, you would continue to knit in the round, like the video here

This demonstrates an easy way to switch from circulars to dpns by knitting onto the dpns. You’ll continue to knit on the outside of the tube so that the purl sts will stay to the inside.
Certainly what GG suggests about knitting in the wrong direction could account for a hole in the knitting.