Mistake on circular needles

Beginner knitter here! First time knitting on circular needles. Doing 1x1 rib here and made a mistake I’m not sure how to fix. Was trying to think but didn’t seem to work! Working Yarn is now on the left needle instead of right. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!

Welcome to KH!
These are the things we all go through. It’s good to try to fix these mistakes because you always learn. Something.

I can at least get you started. Pass the loop with the red dot off the left needle. Slip the stitch with the blue dot over to the right needle. That’ll free up the working yarn and we can see from there where to go. Post a photo and maybe there’ll be a way to fix from there.

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Thank you so much! I’ve done as you suggested

, and here’s where I am now…

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OK, the loop with the 2 red dots is the one you want. Drop the loop with the blue dot off the needle and pull it through the loop with the red dots. Put the loop with the red dots on the left needle.
Now pull the strand with the yellow dot through the red dot loop. You could use a crochet hook if you have one or use the knitting needles. That’ll almost get you back to where you want.
There may be one more stitch on the right needle to slip back to the left needle. Then the working yarn will be coming from the right needle ready to purl the next stitch, knit the next and continue.

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