Mistake on Circular Needles HELP

Hi guys! So I’m a beginner but I’ve knit a few projects on circular needles before but I’ve never run into this problem before. I’m making a hat with a rib knit for the brim. I’m going along fine knit one purl one… and as I come back around it looks like I have turned 3 into 2 stitches? Not sure if it’s clear in the photo but I have no idea how to fix this. Do I have to undo all the rows to start over? How can I do this easily on circular needles? Thank you!

You may be able to do this to correct it

But it’s probably easier to rip it back.


Looks like you probably purled when you were supposed to knit there. If you’re following the stitches that can mess up several rows. I would go back and fix just those stitches, but if you are uncomfortable with that you can un-knit (aka TINK) a few rows and fix it.

That’s what I thought until I clicked on the picture and counted the knit and purl columns. I think she’s right and she decreased.

Oh I see. I didn’t click the picture. In that case you’d probably have to tink back and fix it.