Mistake: Need Help!

Beginning knitter here, and I’m in the process of making a scarf.

I had a hole in a row three down from where I’m at and figured I dropped a stitch, so I followed the instructions on the video section of the site, thinking I could fix it with a crochet hook.

Now that I’m really in there, I see that there’s no hanging loop there. In fact, now I’m at a loss of what to do! Should I try to unravel my rows? I’m super nervous to do that, since I’ll probably eff up all the hard work I’ve done. :frowning:

Help and advice needed and appreciated. I can probably also upload a photo if needed.

Thanks in advance

You probably made a yo, creating a hole and an extra stitch. You can drop the stitch above the hole and work in the extra yarn into the adjoining stitches. See if that looks okay. Otherwise, you may want to go back those 3 rows.

Hmm. I’m sorry, I’m really not sure I follow what you’re saying…

Unfortunately, I undid the 3 stitches above the spot where the hole was. Is there a way to fix those up?

Suzeeq is right that you probably did a yarn over that created the hole, then knit 3 rows using that stitch. Since you unraveled the column that held those stitches, there’s no way to carry it back up since it’s not connected to the rest of the stitches.

Try leaving it as is and pulling and tugging the stitches around it to kind of take up the slack

Another way to fudge that unexpected hole that won’t go away… but won’t get worse: take a length of the same yarn, thread it across your hole so that half the hole is on either side of your yarn. Now simply tie a knot in your length of yarn, closing up the hole.

Take your crochet hook and work/weave in the ends like you would if you’d had to tie on a new ball of yarn.

Hopefully this little fudge won’t be noticeable by anyone but you. I know I’ve had to use it more than a few times. :aww:


You should be able to redo the column of stitches you unraveled, by following the same video you were watching when you unraveled them. You might have even managed to drop the yarn over in the process! :slight_smile:

Yes but the yarnover puts a stitch there that shouldn’t be, so that doesn’t fix anything. Unless you work the excess yarn into the next few stitches on either side.