Mistake in pattern? Increase row

Hi, just started a project and I think there is a mistake in the pattern - just wanted to check with some more experienced knitters to see what you think and check that it won’t affect the rest of the project!

With 2.75mm (US 2) needles and M, cast on 22(24:26) sts.
Rib row [K1, p1] to end.
Rep the last row for 2(3:4)cm/¾(1 ¼:1 ½)in, ending with a
right side row.
Inc row Rib 3(2:1), [m1, rib 4] 4(5:6) times, m1, rib 3(2:1).
27(30:33) sts

With 22 stitches cast on, that only allows me to repeat [m1, rib4] 3 times, to get a new total of 26 stitches, right?

Can you tell us the name of the pattern (even if it’s in a book or a purchased pattern). Don’t post the pattern itself here though just the name and a link if you have it.

It’s Lova babygrow by Millamia. I got it via LoveKnitting.

If they are counting stitches then a Rib 3 is just k, p, k (or p, k, p) three stitches. Just keep in pattern with the ribs.

I would do Rib 3, [M1, Rib 4] 4 times, M1, Rib 3; for 27 sts.