Mistake in pattern? C8F

I wasn’t going to start a new thread because I don’t want to seem like I’m spamming, but I’m too impatient to wait around to ask.

I just bought Bernat Baby’s Breath yarn and I want to knit the pattern (baby blanket) that is on the back. Here is the link to the free pattern http://www.bernat.com/data/pattern/pdf/Bernat_BabysBreath001_kn_blanket.en_US.pdf

it says

C8F - Slip next 8 sts onto a cable needle and leave at front of work, K4 then K4 from cable needle

how does that make any sense? Shouldn’t it be

Slip next [B]4[/B] sts onto a cable needle and leave at front of work, K4, then K4 from cable needle?

Question 2: tells me to knit with circular needles, any known reason why it would ask me to do this? "Size 8mm (U.S 11) circular needle, 90 cm long

I bought Size 8mm needles 80 cm long, is that ok?

Finally it tells me to cast on 95 sts
Knit 3 rows, noting 1st row is WS and inc 15 sts evenly across last row. 110 sts

So to increase do I just add an sts the same way I cast on? What would it mean to increase evenly?

Thanks folks

Yep, that looks like a typo, slip 4 sts, k4 then k 4 from the cable needle. The 80 cm needle is just fine, it’s 32" while the other would be 36", but you don’t have to have one the whole width of the blanket. To increase evenly means you space out the increase more or less equally across the row and don’t use the cast on. Look at the Increases page, any one of them will do, you want them about every 4 or 5 stitches.

Oh good, I’m glad its a typo cause I thought maybe they wanted me to hold 4 sts on the cable needle the entire time. I looked up how to increase, is the “bar” increase technique ok to use for this type of project? I’m also terrible at math, how do you calculate when to increase.


This site has a calculator for increasing evenly.

Ok and how is the first knitted row the wrong side when the 4th row (row one of the pattern) is the right side?
I was just casting on and the stupid needles broke, just bought them today too.

If the first row is the wrong side, then all odd-numbered rows are the wrong side; the even rows are the right side. So naming the 4th row the right side is correct.

That really sucks that your needle broke. Bring them back, and if you decide to stick with this knitting business, consider investing in an interchangeable set–I love Addi’s though they’re more expensive, they’re practically indestructible; Knitpicks needles are nice, too, though I’ve had problems with their cables disconnecting while there were stitches on them.

You can also use any circular needle for knitting in the round as well as knitting flat–so you can avoid straight needles altogether.

Ahh I don’t know what I was thinking! I am deff going to stick with this knitting buisness. I find I am spending a fortune though. What is this interchangeable thing? I’ll have to look those up! I have needles coming out the wazzoo right now and they are all so disorganized. I’ve been buying mostly bamboo needles but tonight when I was out at Zellers (kinda like Walmart) I fell inlove with the yarn, and I had been looking to make something for my new cousin, since I was there thats when I bought the needles, they arnt bamboo, but they were 8 bucks, I figured they should be decent. Suppose I was wrong.

Thanks for clarifying the pattern for me. :slight_smile:

Whoa! Cool! The whole balanced and unbalanced has me a little lost though.

Balanced means there’s the same number of sts before the first inc at the beginning of the row as after the last inc at the end.

So you’d have k4, inc, k5, inc, and so on, then end with inc, k4. Unbalanced would mean you’d have k5, inc, all the way to the end, but you might have the last inc on the very last stitch. Balanced is more evenly/equally spaced and looks better.

I made this blanket a couple of months ago and it looks so cute when it’s done. I did mine in light blue. It will look beautiful when it’s done!

I have to tell you, sometimes I hate the whole increasing thing so much, that I just cast on the amount of stitches the pattern ends up with. Like for this blanket, I cast on 110 stitches at the very beginning so I avoided the increasing thing altogether!! Not sure if that’s “OK” to do, but it makes things simpler for me!!

hth, knitcindy

There’s a reason for increasing the sts just before you start the cable pattern - cable pull in a the sides, so with the same number of stitches the edges may be ‘flared’ out a little. But if yours didn’t seem to, then it’s okay.