Mistake in garter stitch

Me again!! I seem to keep asking for help just lately- but you all have such wonderful ideas.
So - just finished the main part of the Norwegian Fir Top Down cardigan (just the sleeves and icord edging to do….,and I’ve noticed this stupid mistake right at the top!! Stocking stitch where it’s supposed to be garter stitch. :cry:
It’s right at the start too! I did do extra stitches each edge, so the front would have an overlap instead of being edge to edge, so when it’s done up it may not notice too much - but I wondered if there was anything I could do to correct/disguise this silly error

The cardigan looks so nicely worked. Sometimes I’ve seen duplicate stitch used over a stitch or two to correct knits or purls. This is a larger section and I’m afraid the duplicate stitch technique would just draw attention to it and make it stand out.
It actually looks like part of the design as is. I’d leave it as a design element if it were mine, a little interesting asymmetry.


I like it as a design feature, a salmonmac said.
I can’t really work out which part of the cardigan it is, would some sort of embroidery in a contrasting colour be a possibility?

Sounds like a great pattern. I like top down ones. Where did you get it or could you post it