Mistake - help!

Newbie to the forum, and I’m a guy, so please be kind! :knitting:

Anyway, I just completed a baby blanket which is a “log” style pattern. Basically knitted a small center square to start, added 1st log by picking up/knitting stictches across center square, added 2nd log by picking up knitting stitches across bound off edge of 1st log, etc, etc. There are a total of 14 logs, everything is bound of and complete. Unfortunately, I discovered that back in the 6th or 7th log, there is a section about 6" long where I purled instead of knitted, and the “flaw” is very noticeable. Is there ANY way to fix this, or if not, any suggestions as to how to mask it? Ripping it all out and re-doing at this point is not an option. Thanks!

Hi and welcome. I’d call it a design feature, yeah, I meant to do that!

You can duplicate stitch over top of it.

I suppose you [I]might[/I] could cut that portion out, capture the stitches of the pieces around it, repair them, and then knit a new section to replace the one you took out. HOWEVER, doing this would be tricky at best because you’d have to get the new piece [B]the exact same size[/B] as the old piece, and I’m not at all sure how easily you could pick up and repair the cut stitches.

I know the blanket is finished, but what if you added some other “logs” that have been purled. That might be the easiest thing to do if you really think it has to be changed in some way.

On the other hand, it sounds very avant-garde. I would just leave it as it is, per GG’s recommendation!

Another thought: Since you only have one log like this, perhaps you could add the baby’s name here (via crochet or embroidery). That might make it look intentional, and it would certainly make it unique to that baby!

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
At this point I would leave it or possibly take out the last log and do that as purl sts (reverse stockinette?). I like Antares idea of adding the baby’s name to the blanket and making that area a feature.

Thanks, all for the suggestions. Unfortunately, it’s not an entire log that is purled, but only about 6" of ONE ROW - there is a distinct line going through the middle of the log where it is. So, adding another log, or re-doing the last one won’t help. I actually did think about embroidering the baby’s name over that spot!

I’m curious about the suggestion to duplicate stitch over the top of it - how is that done?

Thanks, Dale

Megan - interesting. How is this done?

Duplicate stitch is basically embroidery on top of the knitting, not a repair for your glitch. You could use it to work the baby’s name. Or you could make a little teddy bear or other ‘cute’ patch and sew it on top of the spot in question.

You could use the purl line as part of the design or cover over it with duplicate. Here’s a video to help out.

Sorry I didn’t reply everyone, I’m not on here as much as I’d like to be. I once watched a tutorial on the Yarn Harlots website on using this method to fix cables
It would work great and if not…you can just hall it out and back to square one!