Missing sts?

So,i’m new in knitting and i’m trying to learn from a pattern wich is:

With yarn AB cast on 3sts
Row 1 RS) inc) Kfb, k1, kfb - 5sts
Rows 2, 4 & 6 Purl
Row 3 inc) [Kfb, k1] twice, kfb - 8sts

but, after row 2 after the purl, i will have 4 sts on my RS and one in my LS, right?
So, how i’m going to do the ‘‘kfb,k1,kfb,k1,kfb’’ if i only have 4 sts? that will be 9 in the end,no ?
I am sure it is quite simple,but im struggling since english is not my first language
thank you very much

Welcome to the forum!
The Kfb (knit front and back) increases the stitch count by one stitch. You should have 5sts on the needle after row 1. That stitch count will be the same after row 2. Row 3 begins with 5sts and has 3 increases so there will be 8sts after you complete the row.

Row 1 is a right side (RS) or public or outer side of the knitting. All the odd number rows here are RS rows. The even number rows are wrong side (WS) are private or inside rows.

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On row 2 you need to purl all 5 stitches so that all 5 have been worked and the result is 5 stitches on the right needle and no stitches on the left needle.

Then turn. Now 5 stitches on the left needle and no stitches on the right needle.

Row 3. Kfb, k1, kfb, k1, kfb
No stitches remain on the left needle. 8 on the right needle.
Then turn.

Row 4. Purl all 8 stitches leaving none on the left needle and 8 on the right needle.