Missing needle - FOUND 4 months later!

Those size 0 dpns can vaporize into thin air if you’re not careful. When I went to bed last night, there were 5 dpns with my celtic sock. This morning, there were only 4. And I’ve just about torn up my living room looking for the missing needle. It has completely vanished, and I don’t know what has happened to it!!

Of course, the kids were up before me…

It must be in needle limbo with the size 6 DPN that disappeared from my house last week. :doh:

That happened to my fifth needle (still in the case at the time) when I was knitting my socks. I noticed the cyclone path left behind from my son and tried to follow it… After the path turned into a general hazard zone, I started checking out his “usual” spots. Didn’t find the needle until we had everything moved out of the apartment and was doing my final cleaning touches. I found it where his toy shelf would have been in his room.

Needles should have little tracking chips in them to make them easier to find!

my couch loves the taste of my needles, and pen and scissors

My cat besides leaving teeth marks on my bamboo needles has stolen one of my size six needle and of course the other one has a project on it waiting for it to be found.

Bummer. :frowning: Hopefully, no one will find it with their barefoot. :shock:

FYI-- Elizabeth Zimmerman would often work with a mismatched DPN in a set if she was missing one. She’d just work a little looser with it if it was a smaller needle, or a little tighter for a larger needle. It works, I do it now and then. Even if you don’t adjust guage, it rotates in the work so you won’t get a lopsided piece, and you probably wouldn’t notice a difference.

Handy to know, because those DPN sets do like to loose a needle here and there!

I don’t have this problem with DPNs (I always stick the extra needle into my ball of yarn when I’m not using it, that works pretty well) so much as yarn/tapestry needles. It drives me nuts! I’ve already lost my two favourite yarn needles and two of my tapestry needles like to disappear and then reappear. I knit in bed a lot, and yesterday morning I woke up with one in my hand (not stuck in my hand or anything, but you know, like I was holding it). :shock:

Me too. That’s what’s driving me crazy. I ALWAYS poke it into my ball of yarn when I set my work down. And I did this time too. But now it’s G O N E.

We (DH and I) completely tore up the living room looking for it, including turning all sofa peices upside down and practically inside out.

We did find a cadbury chocolate egg though. (No, I didn’t eat it.) :wink:

Find it yet Silver?

I lost 2 of my dpns last night. I don’t know how I did it! Lost them at 2 different times too. Somehow I misplaced the first one before I put my son to bed, so I got out my spare. When I went to go pick up my knitting today, my next one was gone.

**Ahem, these are the same dpns where I lost one already, but found it when we moved…

The sad part though, of course, is that I can’t continue knitting my sock with 2 of the needles gone :frowning:

No, I haven’t found it. It vaporized, I tell ya. Its molecules are still floating around mocking me.

But I do still have 4 left, so I can continue… well, I can continue when the yarn gets here. I had to order more of the white. sigh

I am also missing one of my sz 7 dpn’s. It’s holding me up for a hat I want to make. If I don’t find it by tomorrow, I’ll have to make another one. Drat. :??

Didn’t Amy post a website awhile back that had single needles for sale? I thought I bookmarked it but it’s probably on my work computer instead. I just bought a set of size 2 bamboo DPNs and I’m scared to break them. I can’t imagine working with a set of 0’s.

Yes, that would be Carol (scroll down to the 3rd post) at TaraKnit . She is super friendly, has great prices, and ships really fast. I’m a satisfied customer! :thumbsup:

These are metal size 0s… Inox brand, I think. I’d be scared to use bamboo size 0s too!

Thanks for the link… I had forgotten about that site! :thumbsup:

I just ordered a size 0 dpn from TaraKnit.com.

I’ll probably find my missing needle now… LOL

I’m holding out to find mine (2mm Inox). I have to do a major cleaning of the house anyway. Even if I just find one, I am good to go.

On a side note, at least I know that the toe up socks I am making for my son are going to fit him. No greeting from the frog yet… knocks on wood

Yay!! I found one of my dpns, so I have four. Found this one in the back pocket of my shorts that I was wearing that day. I thought I might have found my other missing dpn in the pair of pants that I switched to later that day, but to no avail. They have big deep pockets on the thighs and I remember storing my project in them for a while.

Not too worried now though, because I can start knitting again!!

Ack! Another one of my DPNs has disappeared! From the same set! :doh:

My four-year-old cracked me up this afternoon…she walked into the computer room holding a DPN and proudly presented it to me. She said “is this the one you were looking for?” I was all :cheering: “yes! Where did you find it?” And she held up the package of three remaining DPNs (ahem, now TWO) and said “I found it in here!”

So the search continues… :rollseyes: