Missing items in Knitpicks order

I got my much-anticipated order from Knitpicks yesterday. Love the Options needle set (soooo smoooth) and I now have lots and lots of fun yarn that I can’t wait to inflict Kool-Aid on. However, they did not give me the two skeins of Memories sock yarn that I ordered. I only got one skein. :pout: I guess it’s only $4 but it’s bugging me. I emailed them but haven’t got a reply back

Has anyone else had this experience? What did you do? Do you think they’ll give me store credit or something? How would I prove it was their mistake and not a case of “I’m just going to hide this and pretend I didn’t get it”?

Does it say anything about a back order or does the receipt or original order say that you ordered two? I haven’t had that happen with Knitpicks, but sometimes orders can get mixed up. From what I understand Knitpicks has good customer service so you should be okay.

If it were me, I’d call them ASAP.


Tell them what happened, tell them about your email, and see what they say. And be sure to write down the name of the person you talk to…I’m guessing that they’ll take care of you, but I always like to have documentation of what I’ve done and whom I’ve spoken with in this kind of situation “just in case.”

Good luck! :smiley:

Yep, the receipt says 1 skein of Memories Spring Prairie and 1 skein Memories Cape Cod. I didn’t get the Cape Cod.

call them and let them know, they’re super nice.

I would doubt you have anything to worry about. For them it is also “just” $4 (that was emphasis not sarcasm)… If you were to make a habit of it, then they may think that you were trying to cheat them but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

If you just e-mailed them yesterday they are probably swamped and will get to it as soon as possible. Phoning is usually faster but if you aren’t in a huge hurry then I would wait and save the phone call for someone who is in a hurry. I work p/t for a company that gets a lot of e-mails regarding product questions, cs issues, thank yous, i hate yous, etc…we get through them as quickly as possible but it is hard to get through them all the same day like we would want to. I had a gentleman call yesterday who was mad that we hadn’t answered his e-mails yet. I went looking for them after dealing with his issue and he had gone from 0 to 60 in about 2 seconds. He sent one e-mail at 10pm after we were closed, and the next one the next day in the middle of the afternoon. He was just about next on the e-mail list we were going through but he started out saying how horrible our service was because of one mistake on his order (that wasn’t made by us actually but our distributor) and the next e-mail said that if we didn’t respond immediately he was going to contact the BBB and his CC company and deny all the charges (though he had gotten the most expensive item on his order and was using it.)

That isn’t to say you were going crazy asking about your missing yarn. It is just an example of what they are likely dealing with and why they may not have responded yet. Calling is good, but i wouldn’t automatically assume the worst. (I never understand why our customers don’t just call us when they are as crazed as the guy above was… I guess it is easier to be ridiculous to us by e-mail than it is by phone…lol :wink: )

I had another woman who e-mailed to tell us we are the worst company she has ever been VICTIMIZED by and how dare we keep her money for 7-10 days after we realized we weren’t able to fulfill her order. I went looking and within 2 days of her placing her order, we realized that we were completely out of stock and wouldn’t be able to get more until after the first of the year. We e-mailed her immediately and issued credit immediately for her order. we tell everybody it can take 7-10 days because the banks can be very slow putting the money back on the card. apparently she has never had credit issued before. We had already issued the credit but she was just nuts and said that she was going to do everything she could to ruin our business. I am not terribly worried that she will succeed but seriously… :wall: I will never understand how people manage to go automatically to livid without even talking to the people they are angry with…lol

Yeah, calling is definitely faster and easier than email. One time a message of mine got lost through the cracks (I think it had something to do with their email filters), but they were very apologetic when they finally got back to me the following week. Of course by that time, I had already called and gotten the problem resolved (took all of a minute). I actually had to email back to tell them to cancel a re-shipment they had put it because I had already received the one issued by the person I talked to on the phone. I had mentioned to the phone person that I had previously sent an email and to please ignore it, but somehow the person who got my email didn’t realize that the other person had already fixed my problem and put in another order for me. I suppose I could’ve “forgotten” to email back to cancel and let them send me an extra shipment, but my conscience got the better of me. (Darn conscience!) Anyway, you might want wait until they answer the email instead of calling right away to avoid any duplication.

Knitpicks customer service is awesome. I once ordered some books-2 were shipped, and 1 was backordered. The next week, I received a call from them stating the backordered book was no longer available and I received a credit. Super nice people to deal with.

Thanks guys! I think I’ll wait a bit more to see if they reply to the email. I’d rather not have duplications either. And they’re probably really busy with Christmas round the corner. If they don’t reply I’ll call back in a week, or in the new year and see what they say.

Besides, I’ve got SO MUCH yarn in my stash now. :cheering:

Wow. I just got an email from Knitpicks saying they’ll send me the missing stuff. They’re so nice! I’m so glad I didn’t call and hound them. I would’ve felt bad if I had. I’m going to order from them again and again and again. :muah:

That’s what they are hoping by being so nice! :teehee:

lol that is true Jan!

Ya know that e-mail that I got from the woman who claimed we had victimized her by running out of slippers before she got her order and then refusing to give back her money (okay not exactly what she said but the tone was implied! :teehee:)… I got reviewed on my response to her and as soon as i saw which e-mail had been reviewed i groaned because i thought i was positively snarky to her (That is one place where I am company girl…I love my p/t job and the owner is one of the most delightful people in the world. I get positively territorial when people say bad things about us!..lol) and the review was excellent…lol. They thought I was incredibly empathetic and all that jazz. Yeah apparently they couldn’t read the sarcasm in my words…heh (seriously she irritated me!)

Awhile ago I was sent an extra skein of black Wool of the Andes. When I e-mailed them to see if they wanted it shipped back they said since it was their mistake that I was able to keep it. They were so nice.

By the way, does anyone know how long it would take for a gift certificate to be sent or if I can send one to someone else. I just realized that I forgot to get my friend a gift and I think she would love this company. Anyway, KnitPicks is THE BEST!!!

Brook Mctirre

Brook, you can call them and they’ll mail it to them. I’ve gotten them mailed to me via other people (instead of $$ for knitting items in the Buy?Sell/Swap forum).

Anyway, I think it took less than a week for me to get all of them. :shrug:

My first ever KP order went walkabout - when I contacted KP, they sent me a replacement order and told me to keep the original order if it ever showed up, which it finally did, weeks later. It was only six skeins of WOTA, but I very much appreciated their attitude and service. And I definitely do prefer to do business with people who treat their customers well! :thumbsup: