Missing in action

:?? :crying: Please bear with me. I’ve been knitting for about 9 months (still a baby) only scarves. I have recently completed a baby wallaby ( without the pouch - so I guess a hooded sweater) and did pretty darn good. I am attempting another - got the ribbing (k1/p1) done on 6" circular needles. I was to increase (from 122 st to 136 st) on the larger size needles (8") - but forgot to change. Soooo…after I did the increase(on the size 6), I transferred to the larger (8") needles and began to knit around and discovered I had knit the wrong way (stocking stitch on inside of ribbing and pearl on the right side). So I backed it out. Now in a couple of places I have loops ( guess where I increased) that look like stitches that didn’t get secured… don’t know how else to explain it - HELP!

Sounds like you have a few dropped stitches. here is a video that shows how to fix mistakes. If that’s not the problem, check out the other repair videos. If all else fails, come on back.