Missing: hat pattern!

So a few weeks ago I found a link somewhere on this forum to a basic pattern from hats and I started making one. Then my hands mysteriously started hurting and I had to put it down for a while. Now I want to work on it again, but I can’t find the pattern! I tried doing some searches but I don’t remember my original search terms.

I remember the webside with the pattern had a tan background, and it had some mathematical formulas using guage and headsize. The hat starts with k2p2 ribbing and then switches to stockinette.

Does anyone recognize this pattern? I want to finish my hat!

is this it???


Ahhh, yes, Ingrid has it…I use that formula for all hats…it’s PERFECT :smiley:

is that a beanie formula?

That’s it, Ingrid! Thanks!

I’ve actually added it to my favorites this time so I won’t lose it again.

I have it in my knitting notebook…it’s rather worn…I just printed another over the weekend when I was making my last hat…I have to have it!!