Missing DPNs

Ok so I was looking for my size 3 DPNs the other day (cant remember why) and i CAN’T find them ANYWHERE!!! i have all my needles and hooks in a drawer in a plastic cabinet where i have some of my stash and i use the first drawer for the needles/hooks. so i looked there and didn’t find them. so i looked in my needle case and i found the case for the needles but no dpns. so i look through the whole cabinet and no dpns. where the hell did they go! lol i was making a hat for my daughter about 2 months ago and i guess i was using them. i found the hat but not the dpns. i’ve looked everywhere that they could possibly be. i was thinking about where i can look all night when i discovered they were missing and i swear i woke up with the biggest headache the next day lool. this is the first time this happens to me and it sucks lol. darn it, now i can’t even remember what i wanted to make with them lol. but anyways, has this ever happened to anyone else??? and if so where the heck did u find them? lol give me ideas of places to look.
thanks and sorry for the long post!

bottom of a knitting bag, in a forgotten project somehwhere (I found some missing needles in a WIP I’d completely forgotten I’d even started), or the floor/under the seat of the car where they may have fallen out of a bag. Or behind/under the seat cushions in the sofa or your recliner. Those are my most likely places.

(Of course, in our family, we’d probably check the 'fridge, the bookshelves, the bathroom cabinet…you just never know around here! :))