Missing a Step?

I am working on these gloves http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cable-accent-gloves

The pattern has been a bit of a challenge because it is riddled with errors. Most of them have been little things, like the instructions only accounting for 50 sts when I have 51. So far I’ve been able to fill in the blanks and figure out what I should be doing with the “extra” stitch. But the current error is more significant. I have just finished the first finger (pinky). I worked the pinky sts while the rest of my sts (30 sts) were on a holder. Now that the pinky is done it has me put the rest of the sts back on the needles (I’m using DPNs, working in the round) and instructs me on how to continue working those 30 sts.

Here are the instructions, I am on Round 34 now:

Round 33: k 5, place next 30 sts on a holder to work later. Cast on 2 sts (over gap), rejoin to last 5 sts, and k5.
Continue working on these 12 sts until finger measures 1 ¾ inches (or length desired).
Decrease for Top: K2 tog around. (6 sts). Break yarn. Thread end of yarn through remaining sts. Pull tight. Secure.
Round 34. Pick up remaining 30 sts from holder(s). k 24, (k1-b) 3 times, k3.
Round 35: k 24, p1, k1-b, p1, k3.
Round 36: k 25, k1-b, k4.
Round 37: k25, p1, k4.

Now, I’ve never made gloves before and have only made one pair of mittens, but when I did the mittens, after I did the thumb, it had me pick up sts along the bottom edge of the thumb before continuing to work the rest of the mitten up. It seems like I should do that here with my gloves and pick up sts along the bottom of the pinky so it is attached to the rest of the glove as I continue up the glove. Does that sound right to you guys? The pattern does not tell me to do this but I can’t envision how the glove isn’t going to have big gaps between the fingers if I don’t do that.

If that does seem like the right move how many sts should I pick up along the pinky edge (the entire circumference of the pinky was 12 sts)?

The directions for the ring finger have you pick up 2sts from the base of the pinky but this is after you’ve knit several rounds to give you height for the rest of the hand. I agree with you. It seems as though you should pick up the 2sts at the base of the pinkie before you knit rounds 34-37. Then you will have to account for those 2sts when you start the ring finger.

Thank you, I did miss that it has me picking up stitches later on…but I don’t see why it wouldn’t have me do it now. Could it have some beneficial effect I’m not thinking of? It seems like most glove patterns have you pick up the sts from the base of the finger before you continue knitting, so I think I will go ahead and do that.

I agree. I don’t see how you would pick up the sts from the pinkie after knitting those extra rows for the hand anyway.

I found this video helpful. How to Knit Glove Fingers She annoys me no end, you’ll probably want to skip ahead, but really she helped me a lot when I started knitting fingers. She gets to the point after 2:45. You can apply what she shows to the number of stitches you have. HTH

PS: My last pair of gloves I kept knitting the with the yarn I already had going for the glove hand, cut it and reattached it for continuing, did the same with the rest of the fingers, and found I had fewer nasty holes to deal with at the end.