Misshapen sweater piece

ok i’m doing my first sweater and i’m just freaking out a bit again. i’ve ripped it out a couple times already, no reason to rip at this moment except it’s just shaped funky! the edge is that like mock i-cord where you slip the stitches wyif and then knit them on the way back and that is like completely bowed and the rest of it isn’t rectangular either and it almost looks as if i’ve added stitches to the moss section, but i haven’t, i swear… i know it will be blocked before assembly, but is this normal because i’m about to throw it out the window.

thanks! :slight_smile:

I think that because different stitch patterns can have different gauges, it isn’t all that odd that it looks a bit uneven. Honestly, I don’t think it looks that uneven at all but I know how it is, when you’re the one knitting it you can see every little imperfection!! It will all come out in the blocking, I’m sure of it.

Blocking and/or washing does help stitches even out. And if it’s just an edge that doesn’t look quite right, isn’t it going to be inside a seam?


I agree–seaming will take care of the edge, and blocking will handle the rest.

Blocking and seaming cure MANY MANY evils!

thanks all. i have a picture here of a little further along and it’s getting worse, IMO. the thing is, that bowed edge on the left is actually not going to be seamed, the RS is facing and that’s the left front, the moss is going to be the seamed part… the moss seems to be spreading… i’m hating this.

will the blocking really fix this or shall i rip… again. :wink:

I don’t see where you think the moss is spreading. :shrug:

The edge seems to be curved a little on the moss side as well as the ribbed side. I think it’s because it’s still on on the needles and the rows near them are spreading the stitches apart a little. Unless you’ve accidentally added stitches. Is there an increase for shaping? The ribbing for the front edge will be okay - ribbing curves like that. Really, I’d do up the whole piece and BO, then see how it looks off the needles.


It looks fine to me, and I’m not just saying that to make you feel better. I’m saying it from experience of many knitted projects. When a piece is on the needles, the shape almost always looks a little “off” because you’re taking a yarn that is all comfy in it’s skein or ball and making it do all these twists and turns, loops and hoops and it’s not used to it yet. Sounds silly, but 100% true. The yarn needs to relax into it’s new shape. This is why seaming and blocking helps the shaping so much.

Really, when you see finished items that look all perfect, consider that they very rarely fall off the needles in perfect condition. I wet block almost everything I knit, scarves, socks… anything, just because they just look better afterwards and I’m pretty anal about my finished pieces! Don’t laugh… it’s a character flaw. :wink:

In all honesty, you’re being very, very critical of your knitting which is not only unnecessary, but it’s damaging in the fact that you’re not enjoying what you’re knitting and in fact, “hating” it! EEP!

Just please, take a minute and remember this… hand knits should look hand knit. Otherwise, why not just buy a commercial piece? They’re often cheaper and quicker to obtain! Trust the pattern and love everything about your hand knits, even their imperfections. You’ll enjoy knitting so much more.

thanks everyone for the help and encouragement! while i think you are all correct about the blocking (and kristin, EXCELLENT point about the yarn getting comfy) I have decided that malabrigo isn’t my yarn match for this project and i think that is partly what was skewing my view of the item. the pattern calls for a very soft plied yarn and i am getting a very stiff fabric. i am making another sweater out of the malabrigo already that i LOVE and am proud of already and i’m redesigning as i’m making it and am going to plan on getting the alpaca to make the jacket with. i decided also that i would really rather the jacket be in a soft lucious brown alpaca anyway and might try to spin it up myself, we’ll see…

kristin, thank you for your thoughts too. it took me a really long time to appreciate the charm of handknitting and not expect machine perfection from my knitting and i will even leave small mistakes sometimes because i do believe nothing from our hands SHOULD be exactly perfect. when i said ‘hating it,’ the reason behind that was not that i wasn’t enjoying the process, but because when i’ve got $150 invested in a project and am going to be spending lord knows how much time actually working on it, while charming and original is good, i do want it looking like something i can feel proud of and not a waste of $150 in yarn. my standards of what i can be proud of very well might be too high, you are 100% right about me being overly critical of my work. in this case, being it was my first adult-size garment, i was really more afraid i was doing something wrong that was making it spread and bow, but i was rather enjoying working on it really. (who can hate working with malabrigo? ;-)) plus i finally feel like i’ve conquered continental/combined knitting and was pretty excited about that AND i was using my now favorite KP options needles too. :slight_smile:

thanks again to all! :smiley:

Some yarns need a larger needle so they don’t come out stiff. Or a looser pattern.


Sean, you’re very welcome! You sound like you know what you’re doing, especially since you have the piece there in front of you. And I would agree that if the fabric isn’t feeling right, although it looks right, I wouldn’t be happy with it either and wasting time and yarn on a less than satisfying project isn’t good for anyone! Good luck with whatever you do with that yarn!

i did try a larger needle, that was actually part of my gauge tragedy at the beginning of the piece. :wink: gauge and i just don’t get along well, i do a swatch, change needles if necessary, make sure everything is happy, and 8 inches into the sweater, it was 3 inches too wide. (sigh) that was the first rip.

kristin, thanks for the well wishes! i am REALLY loving this sweater i started with it and i am looking at it and thinking positive things about my knitting, which is a total bonus. :slight_smile: the combined knitting has really changed my ribbing and made me a very happy boy. i can’t seem to do continental or combined on double points yet for some reason, but i will get there!
i’m going to knit on it a bit before i have to start work and watch some Knitty Gritty! :slight_smile:

thanks again! :slight_smile:

If you prefer to use a certain yarn with larger needles, make a smaller size of the pattern.


omg, sue, i NEVER even considered that!!! in other words, if on the larger needles, 3 inches too big, make the large instead of the XL? that is BRILLIANT! are there any other modifications necessary if you do that?

thanks! :slight_smile:

Just fiugre out your sts/inch on the larger needles. Multiply that by the inches you want to have and check which size actually uses that number of sts or closest to it. Then follow the shaping instructions for that size, but maybe not the length. If it says knit from bottom edge to armhole for 14" and you need 16", do the 16".