Missed cable stitches - what to do?

I’m knitting a small throw with a C4f and C2b pattern. Somehow, maybe TV interference??, I missed making the cable in two rows (one of each kind) side by side. Can I take the stitches out vertical to that point and fix it? I’ve only been knitting a year and this is my first attempt at cable stitches. Thanks for the help!!:hug:
Oops! Went and checked my pattern. The correct abbrv is C4B and C2F. Sorry!!

Yes, you can take the stitches down vertically and fix it! This link is from the Yarn Harlot and describes how to fix cables that you crossed the wrong way- but you can ‘translate’ it to crossing a missed cable too, I’m sure. :slight_smile: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2006/06/20/all_is_not_lost.html

Thanks Carey, for the link.

You can also knit the stitches back up with a crochet hook where the Yarn Harlot did it by knitting from the “ladder”.

You absolutely can! But if you are new to cables you may find it very tricky. I suggest that you either insert a destination row first (check out the videos here) or practise on a swatch/square.

Honestly though, it may be a hassle (hope not) so do not be afraid to tink or frog.