Missed cable several inches back

So I must have knitted about 20 inches on an Irish Hiking Scarf for my husband today. It’s nearly finished. Then I actually took a moment to look at all the lovely progress I had made, and realized that I had forgot to do one of the cables, about 17 INCHES back. 17 Inches!!!
It is a 6 stitch left crossing cable.
Please, someone tell me that there is a way to go back and fix this without… I’m almost fainting at the thought… frogging all my work? :verysad:

I did see a site where the person :shock: cut :shock: the stitches that needed to be crossed and then kitchenered them so they were in the correct place. I didn’t read it too closely, though, because I don’t think I’d ever attempt that. It may seem familiar to someone that can provide more detail as to the site.

Can you call it a pattern feature? Pin on a flower or something? :teehee:

Here ya go: Fixing Cable Tutorial. It’s long and very detailed. Hope it helps! Good luck!

Wow, thanks for the fast reply, Ingrid!
I don’t think I could cut my knitting :shock: That’s…scary… although I have read EZ’s Knitting without tears and she talks about afterthought pockets and cutting her knitting…but I’m not mentally ready for things like that.
I wish I could put a flower on it, but I don’t think my husband would go for it. :teehee: To tell the truth, he probably wouldn’t care that there is a missed cable on it anyway, but it really bothers me! :pout:
I will let it sit for tonight, and contemplate pulling it out tomorrow.

This thread discusses a similar problem. Unfortunately, the site I had linked isn’t working now. :grrr:

P.S. Coincidentally, I was poking around B&N today and happened to see instructions for fixing cables somewhere… I think it was in the Knit Fix book.

Amber, thanks for that link. I actually understood it, nervewracking as it seems to cut your knitting like that!
Thanks also, Jane. I wonder about letting 17 inches of stitches out though, that seems like an awful lot to let slip down, but it might work.
I’m gonna think about this tonight and try to decide what to do.
It is only yarn, after all. And if my fixes don’t work, then I can frog it like I was going to anyway. So… I’ve gotta be brave!

I’ve fixed cables before by letting the rows unravel, but I don’t think I’d even contemplate 17 inches worth! That’s a not of cables to fix. If you attempt this, you’re a braver woman than I! :hug:

I would much rather cut out the mistake than ladder down 17 inches of cables! :shock: I once cut out a 2 inch stretch of stitches on one row just because the yarn looked a little discolored. If you can do a kitchener, it’s very easy to fix, and much much much quicker than frogging or laddering! And it’s very empowering to correct an error like that. :cheering:

That was AWESOME! I hope I never have to use it, but nice to know it’s there!

My progress report.: Well, I knit a swatch so that I could practice the cable fix that Amber mentioned. I fully understand how to fix it in a mis-crossed cable situation, but what I can’t figure out is, how to put a cable in that wasn’t there in the first place? :pout:
I next tried letting a few rows ladder down in that spot, and seeing if I could fix a cable that way, which I could. But it took so long to do, that it would be faster just to rip it out and start over.
But, I am not going to do that yet. I am going to use this as a learning situation. I am going to knit another swatch, and then cut the area, and see if I can knit in the cable the way it should be.
If that doesn’t work, then I guess I’ll just frog it back to the mistake :passedout: and start over from there.
I really appreciate everyone’s replies, it gives me hope to keep trying!

:cheering: Hooray! I fixed it! :cheering:
I CUT my knitting, and kitchner fixed it!
Whew! It was actually pretty easy. I ran a lifeline through the row above and below where I was preparing to cut, and then made a tiny little snip. It was a six row cable, so I pulled the yarn apart so I had six live stitches above and below. Then I put those stitches on two double pointed needles. I took the bottom needle, and turned the cable, then I kitchnered it back together, and wove in all the ends!
You can’t even see it! If I run my fingers along the general area, then I can feel it because of all the ends I had to weave in. Plus, it’s a black scarf, so I doubt anyone would ever know there was ever a mistake in it. I’m so excited that I could fix this! :cheering: I’d post pictures, but I couldn’t figure out how to get more than one picture into the post at a time.

Yeah! :cheering:

To post more than one at time you just attach each one.
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Thanks, Jan. I thought I tried that, but who knows. I’ll try to post the pictures of the fix when I post it as a FO in the other forum.