Missed a yo in a baby blanket

I am knitting a very easy baby blanket, but in the beginning of every row, I have to knit three, yo and then continue knitting to the end. I was chatting and got distracted and forgot to do the yo. I am now two rows up from it. How can I fix it? It shows if I don’t because that’s what creates the pattern at the edge of the blankie.

Thank you!!


If you are a couple rows up I’m not sure if there is anything you can do really. Since it’s an extra stitch (increase) there is really no way to add one on a row that far back. You’ll probably have to frog it back to that point.

Thank you! Now a second question then, how do I frog? I’ll go ahead and search the threads.

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Frogging us ripping it out…if you are only a few rows in you might just want to start over. For only a few rows of frogging you could either go stitch by stitch or take the needle out and rip back a few rows. If you take the needle out I suggest laying it on a table and doing it carefully. When reinserting the needle into the stitches you need to go into the back of them. If you go through the front it twists the stitch. I usually don’t worry about it and just fix them as I come to them. They are pretty easy to see. Check these videos for recognizing a twisted stitch and fixing it.

Well you might be able to create a yo, but it’s probably easier to undo those 2 rows, unless you can read your knitting and drop down, change stitches, and pick them back up. Even then, you might have some tension problems, but they would probably block out.
Check out destination rows for undoing work they make picking up stitches much easier.
If you really want to drop down and try to fix it, let me know, I will try to find or make you some pictures, but if your blanket has say 60 rows, undoing 2 and reknitting them is relatively not much.

suzeeq answered a really similar question recently and I think she said to either bring up the missed loop or to create one…hmmm…perhaps a search may find the thread.

I found the other thread. Admittedly the person asking the question was on the next row after the missed yo and this is what suzeeq posted as a resolve:

“Just pick up the yarn between the stitches where it should be. It might be a little tighter and smaller than the others, but after you wash or block it probably not so noticeable.”

So, as per Jan’s suggestion you can either undo back one row and try this, or, go back the two rows and just get that darn little yo in there! :slight_smile: