Miss Teen South Carolina

For your viewing pleasure, I present the most groundbreaking speech I have ever heard …


…[SIZE=7][COLOR=Red]NOT!!! :chair::roflhard:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I saw that on Inside Edition last night. I didn’t even laugh, it’s almost sad because that poor girl is so stupid. Someone needs to tell her and obviously her parents that there is more to life than just beauty pageants. :teehee:
What is funny though is the look on the announcer guys face. You just know he’s thinking to himself “dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies, please do NOT let me laugh, dead puppies, dead puppies”. :teehee:

Im not sure if I want to laugh or cry. :doh:


That is sad. She is probably one of the 1/5th that can’t find the US. Oh dear…poor girl.

:noway: :shock: :noway: :shock: :noway:

when I saw that, I was shocked. :shock: On the other hand, extreme nervousness can make you lose your ability to focus and to speak coherently. I think she probably practiced a little speech in her head, but was too nervous to repeat it, which resulted in this incoherent babble…

I also saw that last night and I am still in shock over this. I always thought that was a myth, I mean there are people in this country that do not know where the US is on a map??? Do you think that the “No child left behind” is really working when 1/5 of Americans can’t find the country they live in??

But isnt part of being IN a pageant to be able to handle the pressure, and NOT show you are nervous?

I think the only time the “no child left behind” program kicks in is when it’s time for state assessments. My youngest DD got F’s in Social Studies and Math for two straight quarters last year. She was never invited to tutoring. Why?? Because the state assessments last year were for reading. The kids that were flunking English and American Lit. were invited.

I just love the look on Mario’s face when she’s done. How do you keep a straight face when she says something like that.




poor girl won’t know what to do when she grows old and she’s not a pretty teen anymore:???:

sure she was nervous…but there’s a difference between being nervous and blabbing on about nothing like she was doing!!
I can understand if she freezes or stutters…but not that incoherent blurt!:wall:

Letterman had a field day with that last night. I actually felt bad for her. Along with :doh::??:shock:.

I agree with you, of course it is. But you don’t know until you try it, right? She tried and it didn’t go well. At all. But it happens to many people too!

I’ve actually seen something similar before in high school. Somebody not used to public speaking (and not dumb!) completely panicked during an oral presentation. He was totally incoherent. And it was only in front of a class of 30 teenagers! :shrug:

Of course it’s entirely possible this girl is just dumb. :teehee: How would I know?

Oh man, Mario Lopez, why are you hosting this show?

(You can tell he’s thinking the same thing.)

And such as.

:roflhard: "Everywhere like such as … " I totally have to used that one at some point in time!!!

[COLOR=black]That used to happen to a friend of mine in high school who was a very smart girl. She would get up in front of the class to make a presentation and just totally panic. Once she started a presentation then started rummaging through her papers and said something about how she had the wrong copy of the speech just so she could compose herself. It was so bas for her that her doctor had to prescribe her anti-anxiety medicine that she could take when she had to do public speaking because otherwise she just couldn’t function. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Maybe this girl just felt extreme pressure and panicked? :shrug: Kind of makes you hope so for her sake. [/COLOR]

Like most of you I shook my head in disbelief when I viewed the video. I just did a little further searching on a local news channel site and found her Today Show (?) interview. They asked her the same question and she answered it much better. Being flustered and nervous and then getting asked a question that is basically about education and answering as if she’d had none is getting her reamed on the internet and late night TV. Hopefully she learned something from this.

she might’ve been just nervous and panick-y… her answering the question next day doesn’t prove she’s not just dumb though…I mean…ask me about rocket science and I’ll have nothing to say…but if you asked me again 2morrow I’m pretty sure I’ll have a way better answer!

it could be that she was just nervous though…the intro mario did was nerve wrecking!!

Good point; after all, that’s GOOGLE is for right? … :angelgrin: hehehehehe :teehee:

It would have been cool if she would have simply said “I don’t know why.” I do like the whole US Americans don’t have maps thing though, that’s funny. :chair: I don’t think I’ve ever heard the term US American but that could just be me.