Miss next 3sts on left needle insert into 4th st and draw a

loop through , k1, p2 across three missed sts. not too sure if i am doing it right. Would appreciate a little help.Thanks :wink:

Sounds kind of like a cable. Do you happen to have a picture of what itโ€™s supposed to look like?

I think if you just do exactly what they say, itโ€™ll work out. Knit into the fourth stitch, then knit the first stitch and purl the next two, sliding the fourth stitch off when you finish the second purl. Does that make sense?

Thanks that really helped. How simple, i was looking at it as though it was a cable stitch but it wasnt. Ingrid you got it. Thanks :cheering: Thanks also to you Kemp. A reply has been most appreciated