Miss Dashwood hat: Julie?

Julie! I was looking for that Miss Dashwood hat you made & just found it and the pattern. I didn’t realize it was for a baby. Did you make it for a baby?

I would kind of like to make this for me, although it might look ridiculous. Without the ear flaps, and like, a summer hat out of cotton. Do you think that would work or would it be too floppy for an ADULT!


Heeeeeee :rofling:

I suppose you could adjust the pattern (or use a heavier yarn) to make it in an adult size, but WOW, you would have my intense admiration because the cast on took for-freaking-ever for the smallest baby size…I cannot even fathom having the patience to cast on 180 stitches or more in that manner!! :shock: But that’s just me…

On the floppiness issue…mine is floppier than the pattern calls for because I used a lighter weight yarn. The gauge matched but the pattern says it calls for that yarn so it would be extra dense and warm. So I think if you used maybe a worsted weight or heavy worsted weight yarn it would not be quite as floppy. I’ve seen a few pictures of this hat knitted in cotton and it looked much stiffer.



thanks julie. hm. well, I just cast on 100 stitches, knit a round, and ripped the #!!!(%**!!! thing OUT!

(I was trying a different hat)

I’ve been having way too many strike outs and hereby vent here.

:frog:  :frog:  :frog:  :frog:  :frog:  :frog: 

I will not try your hat today…


/comfort Vic? :heart:

I completely understand your frustration.

By all means don’t try that hat if you’re already frustrated! I swore more while knitting that hat than any time in recent memory. :oops: Until I got past the bobbles, that is…then it was smooooth sailing to the end. But I swore up and down I’d never make it again. But it’s kind of like childbirth…they’re so cute you almost forget the pain… :wink:

thanks beldy :inlove:

I needed that