MISPRINT in the pattern!?

I think this is a misprint…can anyone shed any light?
this is the pattern: http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter08/PATTfernglade.php
this is what i THINK might be a mistake listed under “directions” once I’ve swithced to the larger needles: [K8(5), m1]
does that mean knit 8 stiches 5 times?? why wouldn’t it just say K40? I am so confused by this

It is not a misprint. Those directions apply to the two different sizes given. If you make the smaller size you K8 and m1 if you make the larger size you only k5 and then m1. Knitting fewer stitches between the m1s will make the hat bigger.

The pattern said

Next Round: [K8(5), m1] to end. 108[144] sts.
So repeat (K8, m1) around for the smaller size and (k5, m1) around for the larger size. At the end of that round you would have 108 stitches for the small hat and 144 for the larger hat.

It’s for different sizes of the pattern. Depending on which size, you either k8 and m1, or k5 and m1. There are different numbers to cast on for the different sizes, so you knit the hat slightly differently depending on which you use.