Mismatching socks!

they LOOKED the same when I bought the balls. but they knitted up differently. I JUST finished them.

these are my second pair ever, and the pattern is really easy.
I may never buy socks again.

Well, they look fantastic! What kind of yarn did you use and which pattern? Enjoy the comfort.

thanks! they’re very comfy, I’m definitely knitting more.

the yarn? don’t remember, lost the ball band. Its what I got at Len’s Mill on my Listowel tent sale trip.

the pattern is HEavy socks for the whole family from Briggs and Little. I tried opening the link on their site but it didn’t work.
I can scan my copy and post it here, AFTER my second cup of coffee. (there’s a cat on the copier at the moment. lol.)

This is the same pattern I used for my chunky purple socks. it seems to translate well into any yarn/size.

Purple socks were knit on #9, in cotton that knits up like terry cloth.
these were knit on #11, in sock yarn. They both fit nicely!

Great use for your yarn find. Enjoy knitting more comfy socks!
We can’t reprint patterns here because of copyright problems but thanks anyway for the offer.

Lovely socks and stylish too.

I had enough yarn left over to knit another sock.

But I didn’t. I did a super-quick wash- (SPA)-cloth instead.
just a stocking stitch square with eyelets on all edges, then picked up stitches and did a ruffle all around.

used up ALL the leftovers.

this sock thing could be addictive.

yesterday, I picked up some bamboo dpns and also a ball of Schachenmayr Regia design line 75% wool/25%polyamide.

can’t WAIT to see the fairaisle like pattern in works into.

I’m also thinking GLOVES.

Both good choices. Hope we get to see them, too!

oh yes, I’ll be SURE to inflict photos of them on you all! :smiley:

I am a big fan of mismatched socks. I rarely wear matching ones. So I adore these!

Handmade socks are the coziest!

aren’t they, though? :slight_smile:
The italian wool is knitting up beautifully! One sock done, the other at the heel.
I’m doing a craft/bake sale tomorrow, and I’m launching my new cookie business, so that’s taking up most of my time.

I did a whack-load of stuffed cats for the sale as well, and some quilted star ornaments out of scrap fabric.

I’ll try to get some photos later. Today we’re opening up the street after months of major construction, the mayor will be there, and we’re having a ribbon cutting, cake, and the first city bus to come through will be decorated and (apparently, although it could just be a fun rumour) full of CLOWNS!

We’re experiencing high winds this morning, so hopefully we won’t all get blown over the edge of the mountain. :smiley:

sock, as well as two facecloths. gotta use up that cotton!

Sock looks wonderful as do facecloths. Great colors.
What yarn for the sock and the cloths?

schachenmayer Regia for the socks, some random thrift shop cotton for the face cloths.

sock yarn from Lens Mill.

I love those rainbow colors. They’re just… impressive! And unique too! :smiley:

Lovely socks!

I must say, these socks are standing up to use! I wear them to work, 8 hour shift, plus almost 3 hours commute time daily, in work boots. throw them in the washer, (HOT water!!!), throw them in the dryer, (HOT tumbler) and they come out perfectly every time.

I wash/wear them probably twice a week. I 'll definitely be getting more of this yarn.