Misi Alpaca ruffle scarf variation - HELP!

hi everyone,

I just got home from work and I’m brain-dead so I thought I’d just make a post and hope somebody can help me figure out this scarf I want to make.

I’d like to make a long black men’s scarf for my friend using this free Misti Alpaca pattern (without the ruffle, just a normal edge and fringe). I’d like to make it just a little bit wider than what the pattern calls for (CO 15). Does anybody know how I could do this?? How many would I need to CO in order to widen it a little and make the pattern work?

Also, do you think this would look good as a men’s scarf? The pattern’s easy and I like the way the ribbing looks on the original ruffle pattern (I’ve made two of these so far). Just wondering how it would look to change it a bit for a guy…

Here’s a link to the pattern online.


any help appreciated!!


unless you wanted to add another colum of the smae stitch pattern
you could just do the almost ribbing
CO multiples of 4+1
then K2P2 across in both directions
you will come out with a very similar pattern


Thanks for your reply. No…I don’t want to do k2p2 combination. Don’t want to do any purling.

How many should I CO to make this scarf just a bit wider? Same pattern as the ruffle scarf I posted

hmmm… i’m a little confused, you want to use the same pattern, but not, as you don’t want to purl… i’m just guessing you want to do a garter stitch scarf then?

Your cast on then would depend completely on the yarn and needles being used. Will you be adhering to their recommendation here, is that what you mean by wanting to use that pattern?

It looks like if you cast on more stitches in increments of 4 it will work.

I want to do the Misti Alpaca ruffle scarf that I posted the pattern link to. That pattern…except without the ruffle. And I want to make it a little bit wider. How do I do this??

In this pattern you slip a stitch instead of normal purling to get a ribbed look. I think it’s a ribbed look anyway. I just want to make it a little bit wider. How do I do this with this pattern???

Right now the pattern is

kkkskkkskkkskkk just add as many skkk 's at the end as you want.

The second row would still start with a kskkkskkks and end with a k.

thank you. I think I see what you mean. i’ll try it out and see what happens!