Miscrossed cables....Wish me luck!

Oh my…I’m making Amused(again) but continuing the cable past the join and I messed up AT the join:wall:…about three cable turns back (these are reversible cables)…I’ve never fixed reversible cables before and the last time I fixed cables was years ago and I had my extremely talented niece help me. Heaven hep me!:pray:

This video shows a cable fix. It’s from this thread and in post #8 ArtLady shows how she did a fix. HTH Best of luck to you!

My best advice is vigilence. I ladder back to fix cables if at all possible so if I keep constant watch after every twist, I limit the damage. Very pretty sweater (no wonder you’re repeating the pattern) and nicely done reversible cables.

Got it fixed! YAY!!! Took just over an hour, and now it’s good, with only a few loose-looking stitches on one row. I’m trying to pull those through to even out the stitches.:cheering:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Yay!! :thumbsup:

Whew! so glad that worked. It does take time but it seems like such a triumph to finally get it all fixed. Don’t worry too much about the loose sts. They’ll work themselves into the sts on either side.

Oh, that sounds painfully familiar! Been there, done that! LOL! Here’s the report on my “fix”. Oops! Zigged when I should have Zagged!

I’ve yet to screw up cables but when I get to them these tips will be much appreciated and in the meantime, I can apply and practice what I’ve learned on other, simpler stitch patterns. I love the way questions I didn’t even think to ask get answered here!