Mischievous Kitties

I have noticed a number of people on here mention cats in one way or another.

Any time I am knitting, my cat is at my feet, pawing at my yarn, sometimes stealing the skein or ball.

Tonight I suddenly had kitty paws digging into my leg, while she tried to grab the end of the project I am working on.

I am just wondering if any owners of playful kitties out there have found solutions to their cat’s mischief?

She has all ready dug up snags in the afghan I finished on Aug 31. She has claimed it, as if she really needs an 84 inch wide by 72 inch long afghan - she weighs less than five pounds!


Aww bless her…I have a cat but she is OK with my knitting.
I used to have a cat who would sit on my lap and suck the yarn!!!
I tried giving him his own ball of yarn but no way he always wanted
the one I was using!

I bought a couple of those plastic containers with the holes in the top at AC Moore to put my yarn in (very handy for transporting my project too).

As for how to get them to stop trying to paw the project, i keep it balled or folded (depending on the size) in my lap under a pillow and feed what i’m working on between the pillow and my stomach so that they can’t get to it.

We have two cats here and one ignores my knitting and the other isn’t bad. We discovered that the younger one loves my dishcloths though. :?? :teehee: Here’s my video of her playing with it!


I’m lucky, our four cats only swat at my knitting occasionally. I let them get away with it I guess, I just get up and move, lol.

Of COURSE she needs that size of afghan! What could you be thinking? :mrgreen:

About your problem: First, I would give her her own ball of yarn. You can offer this to her when she attacks yours.

My cat Miki was already 15 when I started knitting, so he just wanted to rake whatever I was working on out of my lap and dig in it. :shock: So I knitted him the Royal Pet Afghan from Lionbrand out of 100% scratchy wool. This tends to distract him. Sort of.

The pattern is here (needs free registration): Free Knitting Pattern: Homespun® Royal Pet Afghan

I also made him Wendy’s cabled catnip mouse. Miki cares nothing for the mouse, but your kitty sounds like the right age. Link to her pattern: Catnip Mouse Pattern

Another solution is just to go ahead and bind off now and give the afghan to your kitty. :teehee:

My older cat was a demon when we got her, but enough pssting her away got her to stop. At least when I’m around. She’s one to lay on any UFO I leave on the couch, or any sweater I’m laying out to dry. :nails:

The little one is getting better. She, too, will grab the moving end, usually when it’s on my legs. Ouch! She used to try to chew on the cable, but learned that it’s a no-no.

Be VERY careful giving a cat yarn. They can ingest it and it can bind up their system often requiring surgery. Our young cat has gotten it caught in her throat twice now and I had to pull out several inches of it. :ick: I realize this may be not be a problem for all cats, but do watch them closely.:hug:

I also think that giving a ball of yarn is like giving an old shoe to a dog to chew on.

All yarn (or shoes) are fair game after that.

I have given her “her own ball” and “extra yarn that can move” lol
Like someone else says, she doesn’t want those, she wants the one I am using … LOL.
This morning she yanked the project out of my hands in her exuberance to help me! lol.

I have had zero success with getting my cat to leave my knitting alone. He loves to sit on me and chew the needles as they move. he drags the yarn around, gets ferocious when I try to take it away…The only thing I have found is to put the knitting away until he forgets about it and goes away.:pout::hair:

you COULD (instead of the “own ball of yarn”) save a special catnip toy for ONLY when you’re knitting… when you go to knit, bring it out and give it to the kitty. my biggest problem with my yarn fiends is when i’m on the computer, they like to sit right in front (oh goody, here comes one now!) LOL

My cat doesn’t play with what I am knitting so much, but loves to steal my yarn when I am not looking. (He also steals knitting needles, crocket hooks, embroidery floss, row counters, etc… plus jewerly, money, checks… I think he is trying to build his own stash!)

He loves yarn and he loves plastic bags… yarn in plastic bags is just too much for him!

I often walk into a room and find a ball or skein strung across the floor, wraped around the table, up over the couch, etc.

(Like everyone else, I have tried giving him his own, but no, he wants my “good” yarn!)

aaaawwwwhhhhhhh sweet:blooby:

Thanks! :hug:

Those dogs in your sig are so cute with their birthday hats on! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

I’ve a cat who loves the plastic bags, especially with yarn in them.

I was missing a bunch of my latest stash enhancement. I found them all (35 skeins worth) in bags under my sofa. It wasn’t until I saw Nick the cat dragging another bag under the sofa that it occured to me that HE was the culprit and not my children!

When I am on the pc she lays flat out on my feet. LOL
Then if I have to get up for something she will usually growl at me for disturbing her slumber. Giggles


I haven’t that problem yet. I haven’t any real “stash” to have yarn piled up. Though if I do end up with yarn in plastic bags at some point, it is being hidden. I keep finding her playing with sandwich bags that were tossed because they no longer closed or the seams were ripped after being reused too many times.

I only started knitting again in late June for the first time since we moved to this house in Nov 2001 because somehow in the move, my handmade heirloom knitting needles got split, and I still only have the one with the start of a lap robe on it, the other hasn’t turned up. :tap:

Jan, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I love cats so much and I feel awful that I posted that and hope everyone sees your warning. My cat is such a grandpa he never wants to really get crazy with the yarn like a young kitty, so I didn’t realize. (I didn’t knit when he was little.)

When Miki was little, I had to watch out like a hawk for rubber bands. They could never be in reach of him anywhere (and with a cat that means [I]anywhere[/I]) because he would try to eat them. I am still paranoid about them even today. I just didn’t think about the yarn.