Mirroring Cables on Sleeves

I am knitting a baby sweater using a basic plain pattern in stockingnette stitch and I’m adding cables down the fronts and on the sleeves. This will be the first time I cable on a sleeve. I mirrored the cables on the fronts but should I mirror the cables on the sleeves? I’m using the 6/6 cable on both the fronts and the sleeves. Also, should I use a different cable for the sleeves, or will it look okay with the cables being the same? Is there a cable stitch that doesn’t need to be mirrored that I could use for the sleeves?

I think the cables on the sleeves are completely a matter of personal choice. You could mirror them or you could work the same cable on both sleeves.
For myself, I would prefer the same cable as the front.
There are horseshoe cables that are symmetrical and would work for the sleeves if you want to introduce another cable.

Of course, the cable will draw in the knitting and so you will need to add sts to get the same width as the sweater without cables.