Miracles, not knitting related but had to share

On December 21st my dog Jake went missing in the mountains above Lovelock, 15 days later on January 5 he is alive. I’m not entirely sure how he survived but he did. He managed to avoid the montain lions, who we thought for sure got him. He managed to survive the 4+ feet of snow that fell, he managed to survive the below freezing temps. He managed to get pass the government traps designed to blow up coyotes and mountain lions that cross the trip wire.

This morning 2 guys working at the Lovelock gas plant saw my dog walking up a hill, they went to him, brought him inside gave him water and called my grandparents.

Jake is ok, he was hungry and a little dehydrated and his hair is falling out because he was off his meds for so long, but he’s alive and he is my miracle dog. And despite all the odds is asleep in front of the fire.

Miracles really do happen :woohoo:

what a wonderful story! miracle indeed. linknit41

I’m very happy for both you and Jake.

Thank the Gods above. You must have been going through the Gates of Hell wondering what happened to Jake. Fortunately, with a LTC he will A-OK. Keep us posted. I just cannot imagine what you went through - nor Jake. :muah: :cheering: :hug:

:hug: Hooray!! Thank God for miracles :thumbsup:

Yes, I believe in miracles…now the dog and you have a newfound appreciation for each other! That is a gift…maybe we should all suffer to get some of that!

WOW!! :muah:

Wow, that’s rough country around there. Glad he survived.

Bless you both, and may you have many happy years together! :hug: (for you) and :hug: for Jake!


Thank you all for your kind words, it is greatly appericiated. I won’t get to see him until tomorrow afternoon when my grandparents bring him back into Reno, but he is doing fantastic. He is bouncing back quickly, eating and drinking and getting well needed rest now that he is finally in a safe place. Once again thank you to everyone :hug:

Truly a miracle! What an unexpected blessing! Thanks for the heartwarming story!

How wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

I totally think it’s a miracle how I got my baby girl! My mum wouldn’t let me have a dog, so when my dad went back three months later (she was my half-sister’s dog’s puppy), she had already run away three days before. They came to the end of the driveway with her brother in the back of the car and there’s the doggy at the end of the driveway, waiting! <3

I am so glad that you got your doggy back. I wonder if he realized where the traps were. Dogs are damn good for things like that. Though it makes me sad that such traps exist. :confused:

What a great story!! I am so happy you have your Jake back where he belongs. A feral cat decided she wanted to grace us with her presence a few months ago and, after having a litter of kittens, we decided to have her spayed. Unfortunately, we don’t own a cat carrier and decided to put her in a cardboard box for the trip to the vet’s less than a mile away. On the way she managed to escape the box and was going bonkers in the car. My husband had to pull over and when he opened the door, out she went, running at full speed. For 5 days, every morning and every night, before and after work, he looked for her. He was riding through a neighborhood almost 6 miles from our house, it was pouring rain, and he caught a glimpse of something orange darting into a storm sewer. He stopped and called, and lo and behold, she came a runnin’!! She didn’t mind the car trip at all this time. Hungry, wet, and scared, but we got her home. She’s had her hysterectomy:) and is now our fat happy garage cat. (I’m severely allergic to cats, but love 'em.) I, too, think it’s a miracle he found her.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]So glad you shared his story here…
What a wonderful fellow he must be! Just had to come home!
So nice to read good news sometimes… just lifts a person’s spirit!
Bless you and your precious dog…:muah:

I’m so happy that you got your baby back. His survival really is a miracle!

that’s a WOWzer of a story! thanks for sharing!

Thank you to everyone for all of your knid words. Jake is doing very good, he is still really skinny, but that is expected. Other than that, he is back to his old self and very happy to be home safe and sound.:happydance:

I’ll bet he’s happy to be home!

Funny story - my Shiloh (coonhound) got out of our yard one day when the gate blew open during some high winds. He couldn’t have been out for too long when a neighbor corralled him and stuck him in his back yard. Shiloh was so happy to be back home after my husband found him that he has never stepped foot outside our gate since even when we leave it open and are working in the front yard, unless he’s on a leash and with us.

I’m glad you found Jake and he’s doing well.