Minor rant: John's Anniversox

This pattern makes great socks, but it has a few annoying characteristics:


First, it starts off too chatty, giving full instructions for cabling every time it happens instead of just explaining an abbreviation once. Then, all of a sudden, it gets taciturn: “RT, LT” given without much context or any explanation, not even what the abbreviation stands for.

At a couple of spots, she tells you to do stuff, then tells you after you’ve started (if you’re a linear reader, like me) that oh, you could do it this other way, and it might be better. I know – I should read all the way through before starting. But I really dislike patterns that don’t tell you “You have a choice to make” until after, effectively, they’ve made it for you! I have a hard time envisioning results without actually doing it, so a little warning would be appreciated.

But the big issue: the toe decreases begin without ever repositioning the stitches. Without going into the math here, if you follow the pattern, you cannot decrease enough before the stitches on your instep needle are totally gone! I had to frog back to the beginning of the decreases to get it right.

There is no link to contact the author of the pattern, so I can’t give this feedback to her. (I found her general website, but there was no contact link.)

Sorry you didn’t care for the pattern, I loved it, it was actually the 1st cabling that I did, I gave them to my daughter last year, in her Easter basket. Hope you find another pattern more to your liking, you can find LOTS of sock patterns right here, good luck & happy knitting :smiley:

I actually liked the pattern itself; I was just cranky because some quirks in the writing of the pattern caused me to have a few difficulties. I reworked the toe after ripping it out, and all is well.

:smiley: Very good :thumbsup: