Minisweater: Buttonhole

Hello, everyone!

I started knitting a minisweater ages ago but gave up and restarted several times. I’m finally where I’d like to be and I think I’ll finish soon!

I have a question, though, about creating a buttonhole. The pattern says: next row (buttonhole row): Keeping in garter stitch, work 3 stitches, yo, work 2 together. But … what does that mean? Does that mean k3, yo, k2tog and repeat until the end of the row? Or I guess that it means I knit up until where I want the buttonhole to go and THEN do this? Would it work if I just used the video for that that’s provided here? That seems easier, lol.


It’s what you do to place the button-hole. Unless there’s a notation in the directions like an asterisk * this would mean to repeat. But I can’t imagine repeating button-holes so close together.
Keep at it, you’re doing fine. :thumbsup:

The yo in that group of stitches will create an eyelet for your buttonhole. So just do that group of stitches on the front for the buttonhole where you want it. It’ll will be small. I think the buttonhole on the video is bigger and you may not want that for this sweater.

I knitted this sweater. I followed the directions to the T and I can’s seem to find the buttonhole. I use a pin to secure it. I don’t know what happened. :thinking: