Minisweater aka Boobholder (Glampyre)

Has anyone made this?

I am casting on for the THIRD time in 24 hours. since i have no patience for the gauge thing (i know i know, i have to get over it and JUST DO IT!).

i am using Diakeiko Diamusee. It calls for US7s. I tried US 8, and now I’m trying US 9, which is what the pattern calls for.

Just wondered if anyone has knit this and can offer some wisdom. I think, now that I’ve done some of it already, I know what’s going on, but i’m still not 100% convinced.

I’m knitting this now, This pattern can be hard to understand. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes on US 9. The gauge doesn’t match but so far it seems to be ok. I just finished row 34.

If you need anymore help, feel free to ask.

Oh, I guess I forgot to show my FO!!! I finished the Boobholder quite a while ago now. I will share a pic later…

Here’s my Boobholder.
I have since changed the button placement and now use two buttons. It looks better now…