Minimum number of CO for 17" cord?

Denise cords in sets show: Includes 3 cords (9", 12" and 14" cords to make 14 1/2", 17 1/2" and 19 1/2" circulars for the US 5-10 set and 15", 18", and 20" circulars for the US 10 1/2-15 set) …most hats say can use the short needles and 16" cable for hat…but long time ago I tried and whatever it said to CO it wasn’t enough and I couldn’t pull it around in the circle without stretching the stitches allot! Love2Knit-Denise set

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I use a 16” for hats with a cast on of about 72 sts in worsted weight. If you cast on fewer sts or are using a finer weight yarn that may not work. You can use a longer cable and magic loop however or use 2 circulars.

There’s no 16" in this Denise set- see sizes I quoted in last- how to make one of those work?

If the smallest needle you have doesn’t work with your weight yarn you either need a longer cord for magic loop (about a 30 or 40") or you can use 2 of the shorter circulars you have,

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