Miniature Stockings

Hello everyone:
I have not posted in a while (I have not made anything in awhile either), but I wanted to show two miniature stockings I made using a pattern I found on the Little Cotton Rabbits blog ( The stocking is made flat and then seamed up the side. This is only my second try at doing something in stranded knitting, but I still think they came out cute.

Sorry the images seem to be a little bit fuzzy when you click on them.

Details: 2.25 mm needle and filati cervinia sock yarn.

So little and cute. Nice colors

They’re adorable!! Great job!

Those are cute.

They are wonderful :slight_smile:

:happydance: Great job!! They are very cute

Awwww they are adorable!:yay:

Looks great, good work on the colorwork!!

They’re adorable!
Really very nice.

seeing these makes me want to make four just so I can put them on one of my pugs;)

Thank you everyone for such cheery compliments. :muah:It was less painful than I thought it would be.

Doozy good luck on getting your pugs to wear them, I could never get my terrier to wear galoshes for 2 seconds (furthermore socks). Maybe just two for the front paws.

Awww! Those are so cute.