Miniature rose

The miniature rose is blooming. Enjoy!

That is a beautiful picture. I can almost smell it.

So beautiful!

Which rose is it, Jan? I used to have several minis, but when we moved about 15 years ago, I left them. Do miss them though. Yours is beautiful!

It’s called Parade Rose. My daughter actually got it from a woman at work, but she has a black thumb so she gave it to use to take care of for now. :teehee:

It’s very pretty!

Jan – that’s lovely! I am surprised that this late in the New England Fall I still have a rose or 2 or 3 on my rose bushes. Nothing as fancy as yours – just a few cottage roses and a yellow bud on a climbing bush that survives on benign neglect.

Thanks for sharing your shot.

How are things by you with all the fires? I was thinking about you this morning as I was reading the NY Times online and looking at pictures.

Hope all is well.


We have seen some smoke in the distance, but there are no fires nearby. Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Ooooo pretty! The colors in this one are wonderful! I love roses and have had to restrain myself from going to bug my employers’ neighbors – several who have beautiful rose gardens.


beautiful! Thanks for posting it!

Oh that’s beautiful! I used to have a white miniature rose bush-the blooms on that were so pretty. They had a slight pinkish tinge to them instead of that weird greenish tone. I say [B]HAD [/B]because my dad in a fit of lawn maintenance mowed it down. He got tired of mowing around it for me. Oh, well. I couldn’t complain too much because he was mowing the lawn for me.

I love the color. You must have a Green Thumb. Glad you are not near the fires.

DH has the green thumb… me not so much. :teehee: I like flowers, but hate bugs and there’s always bugs! Little ones I can handle, but spiders, slugs, worms… eek! :zombie:

How lovely . I only wish i could smell it . I love roses :slight_smile:

Jan ,
You always take such beautiful pictures:cheering:

Me too Jan. Dh has our green thumb. I love to look at the flowers and trees but the only work I do in the yard is the riding mower. :roflhard:

Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed our little rose!

She’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Those of you ladies going on about your DH having the green thumb just remember, you KNIT and make beautiful things, so you are not without talent as well! AND the flowers die off each winter but the knitting lasts forever!