Miniature knitting, cool link!

Another miniature knitter told me about this woman’s work, you’ve got to check it out! It’s truly jaw-dropping. Most of her stuff is knit 40-50 sts./inch. And she also has done some stuff at 80 sts./inch!!

:smiley: Incredible !!


Same here: :shock:

And I complain about fingering weight yarn…

I can’t even wrap my mind around how much time and patience that must take. :shock: Oh yeah…and really, REALLY good eyes!

My thoughts exactly! I don’t think my eyes would hold up!!

Thats incredible. I saw a book last week in London’s Oxford Street store of Waterstones for “minature knitting” to make Greetings Cards. I’ve seen the little mini’s on ebay. Of course I didn’t buy the book and when I returned today to get it - it was gone =(

What tha… :shock:

Surely one would have to use a jeweler’s loupe or something similar…

holy (insert your fav word here)! That’s insane!



this is what my eyes would look like after doing that

Holy Eyestrain, Batman!

I wonder what the insides look like on those tiny multicolored jackets!

Just think about if you dropped a stitch knitting like that! :shock: :roflhard:


I’m not even sure I’d notice in work that small–not until it was too late, anyway!

:shock: Oh My Gosh!!! I’m getting a headache just thinking about it! Those little shoes, though, so cute!!! I’d take them on w/ a larger gauge. :lol:

I didn’t even think about dropping a stitch with those tiny things! That would be a huge nightmare. Would probably just have to start over! I did a tiny sock on 0000…can’t imagine doing anything smaller than that! Might be fun to try though.

Geez Louise! I don’t think I would have the patience for that and talk about eye strain! :shock: