Miniature Herringbone stitch

I have never done this stitch and am having a hard time understanding it. I am working in the round and the it says *K2tog tbl, dropping only the first of the 2 sts off the LH need, rep from * to end. I don’t get it. Can someone help me?

It sounds like you’ll do the k2tog tbl and slide only the stitch closest to the left tip off. Then you’ll knit the remaining stitch together with the next stitch on the needle tbl and just keep repeating.

let me see if I get it, I knit the 2 together, then the next stitch I slide onto the right needle or am I dropping it all together?

You pull the stitch through the two stitches–that stays on the right needle. Then, the first stitch closest to the left tip slides off. Only one of the two you knit together slides off and one stays on the left tip.

The one that stays on gets knit together with the next stitch on the left tip.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I finally got it. Sometimes I get a mental block.

We’re all like that at times, don’t feel bad.