Miniature Christmas Stocking

I am starting on my Christmas decorations for 2009 early. I want to make a weath with all different kind of miniature knitted Christmas stocking. Can anyone tell me where I can find patterns for several different kinds of Miniature Christmas stockings? Thanx.


Here’s the one I designed, but it’s about 4 inches tall or so made as instructed. You could make it smaller easily once you see how it’s done. It lies nice and flat.

Here are some more nice ones.

Thank Jan those patterns are exactly what I wanted! Now for part two of my thread. I have enough christmas yarn to make my stockings(red,green, white) but does anyone knw of any brand that makes DK yarn in red, white, and green verigated. Any sparkly DK yarn would be great also. I’m too lazy to dye my own yarn. Thanks again!

Here’s some DK weight yarn. You’ll have to see if they have them in your area. I don’t know of any variegated DK, but there may be some still in stores left over from Christmas.