Mini socks for the KAL

Here’s 11 of mine so far. And here’s my pattern for them if you want to help out.

They are all so cute! :slight_smile:

Jan the troops are gonna love your socks as much as I do

Jan, they are adorable!!! What a great idea:cheering:

Jan ! What a great idea to start a Kal . Your socks are so cute .

Here are 4 more of mine :slight_smile:

:happydance: Very cute!

Those are so adorable! Sure to put a smile on someone’s face. Good job!

Ahhhh, these are just adorable! Thanks for the pattern, Jan!

Thanks again everyone! I am having so much fun making these! :yay:

Here’s a few more.

Oh how cute they all are. You did a great job.

Cute! Those are nice. How many pair is the outfit shooting for?

I’ve done one sock so far, started the 2nd tonight. It may be hard to give them away, I think they’d look cute all over a Christmas Tree. I do have some metallic gold and red yarn leftover which I will do also. I’ve been using a #6 needle that’s a 16" addi cable. It acomodates this pattern well. I closed the bottom with a 3-needle bindoff. I was in the car, and I grabbed a spare chopstick for the bind-off. haha

  1. :zombie: Check the KAL for more details. I’ve got 18 done now.

Thanks everyone!