Mini sock recipe pattern

Has anyone tried this pattern?

I’m trying to figure it out. I’ve never made a sock before, and I’m having some troubles. The first question I have, should I be knitting it from the inside out?
We’ll start there and if I run into any more snags I’ll be back. :wink:

Generally it’s knit from the outside. Knitting it from the inside might make a sock harder.

One of Portland’s many LYS is having a little pink sock project.

The Little Pink Sock Project

“The world would be a more peaceful place if everyone had a little pink sock of their
own.” Sorren Kerr

And that is how this project began. As a long time reader of the Mutts comic strip,
Sorren loves how Mooch, Patrick McDonnell’s cat, finds bliss with his little pink sock.
And following in Patrick’s own footsteps of shelter stories where he depicts dogs and cats
in the animal shelter waiting for someone to love them, she had an idea.

Let’s all knit little pink socks for peace. And said her mother, since everyone can’t adopt
a dog or a cat, let’s have them adopt a pink sock and all the money could go the The
Humane Society.

So it begins, from the smallest thread of an idea… knit a little sock (little -Christmas
ornament size) Pink. Bring it or send it to the store. We’ll attach it to an adoption
certificate. People can pay an adoption fee ($20). We’ll send your tax deductible check
made out to The Oregon Humane Society to the folks in Portland and your little pink sock
to you.

First adoptions will be available in October. Supplies are limited until you get knitting.