Mini Santa Hat

Around Halloween I bought these 2 “skeleflamingos”. They are the flamingo lawn ornaments, but, skeleton versions…lol…Well, I decided they are so awesome I’m keeping them up year round, however, I needed to do something to holiday them up…:teehee:

For Thanksgiving, I crocheted a couple of the turkey gobbler things (caruncles?), to make them more festive, and tied them around the necks of the flamingos…You can see that HERE

So, for Christmas I made little Santa hats for them!! Absurd, I know, but that’s the point…haha

Here’s my Christmas flamingo!

:teehee:Those are cute!

My MIL lives in a retirement home in AZ and they put santa hats on the Saguaro palms. :lol:

So cute!!!

If I feel like it, I just may make some beards for them too! :teehee:

too cute! :slight_smile: