Mini Lotus Blossom Tank [new pics on p.1]

Here is a picture of a mini version of the Lotus Blossom Tank from IK. :happydance: It’s made to fit my almost-18-month-old daughter.

If curious about the weird brown spot, read more on my blog… :rofling:

When I get a chance, I will post more pics on this thread of Marie wearing it. :wink:

:inlove: That is gorgeous!! How sweet that you have matching tanks!!

Adorable! I don’t think the brown spot looks wierd; I think it looks artsy.

AWWW!! Simply perfect!! Love the brown spot - I agree that it looks artsy!

Here are pictures with Marie modeling the tank! :smiley:

She looks adorable in it and it fits perfectly! She’s so cute I bet she’d look cute in anything! :wink:

It looks wonderful! She is a little cutie!

:smiley: Too, too cute :thumbsup:

Wow, fabulous!!!

Oh, I love it! :inlove: And she looks adorable in it!

How cute! Love the colors.

It is great! And you know what? It took me a couple minutes to figure out the “brown spot” because I was SO focused on the detail at the bottom!


Looks great on little Marie.

omg…the tank and your daughter are just adorable! I don’t mind the shoulder at all…I think it looks cool like that!

Your little one is so precious! She would make anything look good!

But, your tank is gorgeous anyway! :wink:

That is funny that the pattern makes the shoulder do that. Did it happen on the larger size as well?

that is so cute!!! your daughter is adorable!

i honestly didn’t even notice the brown area until i went back and looked to figure out what you were talking about.

looks great! :thumbsup:

You are just too good! You made me love the Tank anyways - but now, making it smaller to fit that precious baby - I’m very impressed!

I too like the brown spot - I think it definately adds originality!

it looks beautiful!